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DKA Solicitors - Adjudication


Damien is one of Ireland’s leading practitioners in Adjudication and is co-author of the preeminent textbooks on Adjudication – Adjudication: Construction Contracts Act 2013 - Practice and Procedure, Routledge (Informa Law) Publishers.

Damien has also been certified in Adjudication by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and has been involved in numerous adjudications in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

As a certified Adjudicator, with extensive experience of adjudication and as the co-author of one of the leading textbooks on the topic Damien is in a unique position to act on behalf of a party and also as an Adjudicator.

Damien advises clients both claiming and defending payment disputes in adjudication and also taking appointments as an Adjudicator.  In the latter regard, Damien chose not to seek appointment to the government’s panel of adjudicators in order to avoid potential conflicts.

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